We repair and recondition all sizes of used barrels and have new small French oak barrels in stock.

We also manufacture a wide range of furniture and accessories from recycled wine barrels. 

Half Reconditioned Barrel

Half Reconditioned Wine Barrel

Complete Reconditioned Barrel

Complete Reconditioned Wine Barrel

Again we are offering 4 season reconditioned barrels that have been taken apart, staves checked then shaved, heads shaved, inside toasted to medium, hoops tightened, bung hole cauterised, tested and sulphured.
These are great barrels at a great price!

  • Select one of our reconditioned well-maintained and cared for red French Oak 225 litre Burgundy or Bordeaux in stock.
  • Ship your used barrel to my workshop.
  • On location service (reconditioning on site).

Please contact us for prices and availability.

Nelson Cooperage offers a full coopering service:

A range of coopered casks and repairs
Stave and head repairs, hoop tightening, leakers and weepers fixed, reconditions, sterilisation and just about any size and shape (as long as its round) of cask, vat or bucket!
Barrel maintenance, on site repairs and can offer a regular inspection service to insure you get the most life out of your barrel.
We specialise in:


  • Quality hand made small French oak casks (barrels) for the maturation of spirits.
  • Repair and service barrels for the wine industry

Nelson Cooperage is believed to be the only remaining commercial Cooperage left in New Zealand.

"Robinson Crusoe was able to make practicably anything but he never made a barrel. There are no amateur barrel-makers."

A range of barrel furniture