BarrelsBarrels, Spirit Casks, Port kegs:

Make the perfect gift. Traditionally made, beautifully handcrafted and finished.  All barrels come complete with a stand, bung stopper and tap and are ready for immediate use.  Perfect for keeping your spirits in. PLEASE PLACE YOUR ORDER VIA EMAIL:

Barrel, Cask and Keg Prices  (exclusive of freight charges - please see appx freight charges at the bottom of this page) FIGURES ARE ALL GST EXCLUSIVE.

Please note:   The 2L to 30L barrels inlcudes bung, tap and stand. The 2L to 110L barrels are all new and medium toasted.


litre diameter in mm height $NZ + GST
2 (oval) 200 x 200 280 + GST
170 x 220 270 + GST 
5 - out of stock 230 x 250 300 + GST
10 - out of stock 240 x 380 360 + GST
20 - out of stock 300 x 430 460 + GST
110 1010 + GST
To Recondition and Toast YOUR 225L used barrel toasted to your specification if desired
210 + GST
To Recondition MY 225L used barrel toasted to your specification if desired 340 + GST
225L used barrel
160 + GST 
225L rain water barrel includes bung, tap   235 + GST
110L Planter half barrel  holes drilled & edges sanded   90 + GST
40L Sherry barrel from Spain special  offer   479 + GST
128L Sherry barrel from Spain special offer   859 + GST
Prices are exclusive of freight. Due to the movement of wood and absorption of the liquid into the wood all barrel sizes and capacities are approximate only.


Sherry Barrels                                                                                        Rain Water Barrels             

Barrel Taps & Bungs                                                                                          
Wooden Small Taps
for 2 or 3 L barrels
$15 + GST
Wooden Medium Taps - OUT OF STOCK
for 5 or 10 L barrels
$20 + GST
Wooden Large Taps
for 20 L barrels
$25 + GST
Brass Small Taps
for 2 or 3 L barrels
$30 + GST
Silicone Bungs (food grade)
for wine barrels
$10 + GST
Wooden Bungs
for wine barrels
$10 + GST

Oak Sticks and Shavings 

SHAVINGS:  Shavings are beautiful to use in the smoker for meat or fish or bbq.   Please ring Jurgen on 021.471.771 or email him at for pricing and quantity.

STICKS:  These medium toasted oak sticks enhance your spirits, wine, or even beer with subtle oak, vanilla, and caramel flavours.  Please email Jurgen to place your order at  Depending on how 'oaky' you would like, we recommend to use 1 or 2 sticks per litre.

French Oak Sticks      
(13cm long)
$1 per stick + GST
American Oak Sticks
(13cm long)
$1.20 per stick + GST
Freight Charge    
up to 40 sticks 
$5 + GST
Freight Charge
up to 120 sticks 
$10 + GST
For Rural Deliveries, please add extra freight charge of $5 + GST
Minimum Freight Charge for 1 Cubic Metre 

(GST exclusive) 

Please note: 1 barrel = .47 cubic metres.  The prices below would enable us to ship up to 2 barrels.
All rates are to
Depot or CBD delivery only
and are subject to change.                     
Auckland $120 + GST
Blenheim $85 + GST
Christchurch  $85 + GST
Dunedin  $120 + GST
Hamilton  $120 + GST
Invercargill  $131 + GST
Levin  $119 + GST
Oamaru  $108 + GST
Rotorua  $131 + GST
Tauranga  $120 + GST
Wellington $97 + GST